Unaltered, but expensive

True formulation

We stick to the exact formulations and processes mentioned in the Ayurvedic scripts which are time-proven.

Fresh and Natural

We use fresh herbs sourced from tribal communities of the tropical forest in the Indian western ghats. For centuries, the tribes of the tropical forests have worked to cultivate rare herbs. Our cooperation is a way for us to preserve the Ayurveda formulations that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Quality First

We use fresh cold-pressed oil as a base on our products. Products are made in small batches and stringent quality checks are done by skilled physicians(Vaidyas) from traditional ayurvedic homes with 200+ years of ancestral wisdom. 

Humane and sustainable

We made sure that all our products are chemical-free. We also care about the environment and use recyclable glass, paper cork, and bee wax in all our packaging.